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  Well... This is really more about you than me... but if you insist I am Tiahna Lynn, born and raised in New England. I am excited to share my love of photography with you. From my earliest memory I have had an interest in capturing moments in time and the effect light creates and in settings. I have pursued this interest since then and have attended Hallmark Institute of Photography to gain greater knowledge. I look forward to working with you, using my expertise and your vision to tell a story, make a statement or capture a moment. We will create a wide variety of beautiful photos that will last a lifetime. 

  Our journey will start with a consultation to develop an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. We will work as a team to find out what your vision is and bring it to life with creative stylization and a whole lot of energy. I delight myself in capturing all of the beautiful and unique personalities that the world has to offer, whether it be babies, youth, seniors, couples or pets.

I welcome the opportunity to produce commercial or editorial work. If you have a product, real estate or facility that needs to be photographed in a professional manner, we will work together to actualize a scene or bring your product and vision to life. Be it for website, brochures, catalogs, social media, marketing material or advertisement needs that you may have, you can be confident that we will get the job done.

Looking forward to meeting you!